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New Years Resolution 2009

Happy New Year!!!!  Bring in the 2009!!!

So lets think about what we accomplished in 08.  Starting off with last years new years resolution.  I make one every year and 2008’s was to make myself a better person in some way.  Which I did.  I stopped sleeping around and cheating on whatever boyfriend or girlfriend I had at the time.  Found a non-destructive relationship (i always manage to find horrible people so this alone was amazing), got engaged (although to a girl so telling the family was a little more than interesting), moved out of my parents house and into our condo (welcome to paying bills and being a grownup), which we own along with two crazy but adorable and loving cats.  And wallah!!!   Ive made myself a slightly better person.  New year resolution 08?  Mission accomplished.

Of course there is a downside to all of this “better person” business.  First of all, I gained a good solid ten pounds.  Yuck.  Maybe more but i dont want to talk about it.  Ten is a reasonable number.  My clothes are tight.  I feel like i dont look cute anymore.  I feel like i cant go out and run around in a cute little tank top, jeans, and sexy stilettos like the other hot 20-somethings.  I used to go out with my friends dressed to kill and dance the night away, drunk, sexy, and skinny.  Which brings me to my next problem…

Im a hermit.  I dont leave the house.  Im too lazy to leave the house to even go tanning.  So Im not only fat but pale.  My tanning membership costs me about 50 bucks a month and i dont even use it.  I generally dont leave the house unless im going to work.  I dont want to talk to anyone, not even to order food which i seem to do all the time.  So i order online and drown my sorrows in garlic knots, calzones, and a bottle of wine.  Oh yeah, i do leave the house to go to the liquor store.  They dont do online delivery.

Did i mention i now smoke everyday? 

No, not weed.  Ciggs.

Ive pretty much let myself go.  On Tuesday i was off from work and i went to go get my hair done.  Which was a 4 hour ordeal.  My hair was sooo long it was ridiculous.  I liked it but it needed to be relayered and my bangs needed to be cut and it needed to be thinned out.  I have such thick hair i have to ask them to thin it out.  I wound up cutting off about four inches and getting some red highlights just for fun.  I mean after all, it was my big day out.  Might as well go all out and get a haircut and highlights while i stare at the hottt hairdresser for four hours that i have a huge crush on.  I probobly wont leave the house again for like a month.  lol  My hair came out great, although im only an 80% fan of the red.  Some people like it and some people dont.  I just wanted to try something different. 

Which brings me to my 2009 New Years Resolution.  Wake up, get up, and get thee to the gym.  Well kind of.  My goal is to take out the money im investing in my nonexhistant tan and put it towards a gym membership.  Hopefully i can find one that has tanning so if i do lose those “ten” pounds i can be skinny anddd tan.  Skinny and tan=hot.  At least for me.  And going to the gym involves leaving the house!  Which will hopefully drag me out of my hermit crab shell.  And if I start going to the gym then i have to stop drinking every night!  And ill have to try and stop smoking!! 

Its a lot to accomplish but i have a whole year to do it.  And its important that i begin trying to put this plan into motion soon.  Im taking a week of vacation in January but im not acctually going anywhere.  Im going to just take some time off the chill out and relax.  My second vacation week, although i havent decided when thats going to be is going to be lying on the beach somewhere exotic.  Maybe Mexico, maybe the Bahamas…who knows!  But i cannot get my fat ass into my little white bikini right now…i might blind someone.

Wish me luck!!!


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