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The Durga Temple Dream

So Im sick…dying sick…i think every part of me is congested and clogged and my ears keep popping every time i talk…its a nightmare.  So for new years eve I sat home doing nothing with my fiancee and we watched the ball drop together while we had sex.  🙂  Woohoo!  Well part of the reasosn we didnt do anything besides that is also because we both had work at 6am that day.  Wednesdays are inventory days and it doesnt matter if its a holiday, a sick day, a vacation day….inventory still needs to be done.  At 6am.  Every Wednesday for ever and ever.  So sick, thought not as sick as yesterday, i woke up at 530 and scrambled together some things and ran off to my resturant for 6am (yes i live close) to stand in the freezer and guestimate how many pounds of chicken tenders and boxes of quesadilla rolls i have.  Along with everything else.  lol  And then get the numbers in the computer by 10am…check my numbers, see my sales and what im missing or gaining and trouble shoot.  Until 6pm.  And trust me, by the time your done, the last thing you want to do is go out and party.

Also, I had this crazy dream the other night and i forgot to write it down.  All i remember is the end…I was in India with all these people for a wedding.  Apparently instead of staying in a hotel each person had to find a different family to stay with in this big long stretch of houses and shops along the water.  There were some breaks in the shops and houses where the building ends and there is just water between one house and the next.  To get over to the other side there were these wooden planks that made a bridge, but you had to run over them fast because they would start to sink as soon as you stepped on them.  I just remember running over one in heels and my toes were getting wet so i tried to jump the rest of the length to the other side and almost didnt make it.  We were trying to get to a boat that would take us to the Durga Temple where the wedding was going to take place…we wanted to see the wedding site.  Now i have no idea what the Durga Temple is or who was getting married in my dream.  I wish i remember more than just that…


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Dream 5

Dreaming again…


Last night….dreaming about walking down a dark corridor and thinking that someone is watching me…im following a bunch of people down stairs…it kind of looks like penn station in nyc…and we are all going to some type of convention which i think might be a hit-man convention or something of the sort…

Turns out someone is following me but i know its a test…they try to throw a knife at me and i duck and they miss killing someone else…now we are jogging down the stairs and i pull out this little round sleek black compact from which i take out a little black almost star shaped knife throwing thing…i flick it in his direction with my wrist and it cuts his neck…he falls…maybe hes dead and maybe not, im not sure….

So i guess i make it to the “convention” because flash forward…now im in a room and apparently i hid the compact knife thing in my cheek and i cant get it out…iits stuck in my throat and there are these doctors trying to help me pull it out without slicing my entire mouth open.  I can feel the pressure of the blades against my tounge and cheek as they try to pull it out…i start choking…and then i wake up thinking…




that was another weird one.  I better write this down. 



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4 Dreams I Had Last Night

I managed to remember 4 weird dreams last night…



1.  Weird…everytime i was driving i would black out…and my “black outs” felt like i was falling (you know that feeling of falling you sometimes expirience before you fall asleep…).  At one point i had to take someone in the car with me…i think my grandmother but someone who acctually didnt look like my real grandmother at all…and i was nervous because i didnt want anyone to know that i blacked out when i drove.  Apparently when i blacked out with her in the car i told her that i was raped when i was younger and thats why all this was happening to me and i needed help.

2.  Short…i dont know where i was but i saw one of my best friends that i acctually havent talked to in months and when i said hello she screamed at me that she was done with me because i didnt meet her for coffee at 8am a really time ago.


3.  My fiancee takes me and one of my cooks, Freddy to his house and proceeds to try to intiate a threesome which i am not cool with and which she would never ever do.  We finish, or she does rather, and i ask her if that means i can bring any guy i want into our relationship.  She says yes and i tell her that i wouldnt ever want to do that anyway.  She tells me she is ready for a change and she might want to start being with guys too and im not cool with that.  We leave, seperatly and pissed off.


4.  Im taking a purple satin and ruffled wedding dress or bridesmaid dress to some dress shop in a small town.  I finally get there and plan on either selling it to them or giving it to them.  I walk in and there are people everywhere and the building is dark with elaborate wood and decorations.  I finally find the man who i am supposed to talk to and realize that i stepped into the middle of an indian wedding.

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