What Do Superheroes and Bacon Have In Commen???

I almost forgot about this place…


But after having some seriously odd dreams the other night that i just had to write down, i remembered!




Dream One was something about me being a CSI Superhero investigator trying to catch someone.  This “someone” hid in bathrooms and right before they chose their victims by lying bacon on the toilet seat before you sat down.  Dont ask because i dont know.  The only other thing i remember is that this was in Hawaii and i was staying with this guy named Jack, who i acctually work with on his house on the beach.  In my dream he wore a bandanna, was a surfer, and had long scraggly mulet type hair.  I dont really know where my brain came up with this one.  lol


Dream Two was about a massive party i was at…my two cats were there and i was desperatly trying to keep track of them in this huge party with everyone ive ever known in my life.  In the dream it was at my Aunts house but she wasnt there.  Everyone was drinking and doing drugs and i was just trying to keep track of my cats who were running all over the place.  Near the end my one cat Romeo was outside and i had to lure him inside so he didnt run away…


Weird dreams…weird weird weird…


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