Dream 5

Dreaming again…


Last night….dreaming about walking down a dark corridor and thinking that someone is watching me…im following a bunch of people down stairs…it kind of looks like penn station in nyc…and we are all going to some type of convention which i think might be a hit-man convention or something of the sort…

Turns out someone is following me but i know its a test…they try to throw a knife at me and i duck and they miss killing someone else…now we are jogging down the stairs and i pull out this little round sleek black compact from which i take out a little black almost star shaped knife throwing thing…i flick it in his direction with my wrist and it cuts his neck…he falls…maybe hes dead and maybe not, im not sure….

So i guess i make it to the “convention” because flash forward…now im in a room and apparently i hid the compact knife thing in my cheek and i cant get it out…iits stuck in my throat and there are these doctors trying to help me pull it out without slicing my entire mouth open.  I can feel the pressure of the blades against my tounge and cheek as they try to pull it out…i start choking…and then i wake up thinking…




that was another weird one.  I better write this down. 




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